Join My doTERRA Team!

Ready to work for yourself?


If you're ready to start the journey of a lifetime, I invite you to read on.

If you're here, it's a pretty safe bet that you're ready to start living the life you've dreamed of. You're loving the homestead lifestyle....but aren't sure how to support yourself (and quit that dreaded job you feel tethered to).

Or maybe, you're already living on a homestead, and are just bone tired of never having enough. 

If this sounds like you, read on.

My doTERRA Story

I've built 2 six-figure businesses, and each has its own unique story about how it came into existence. My doTERRA story isn't any different.

I didn't need to start a new business - I'm busy enough as it is! But each of my businesses has a common thread: 

They transform lives. 

I've used essential oils for years, and I know how powerful it is to have options. And I know how powerful it is to bring those little brown bottles into people's lives.

I share essential oils because I want to bring that transformation to other people.

And in 2016, I joined doTERRA because I wanted to transform lives not just with oils, but also by helping people begin their own businesses - and begin the process of leaving their poverty, boring 9-5 jobs, and financial frustrations in the dust.

What's it like sharing oils?

If you've been following me at all on FrugalChicken, you know I'm a no-fluff kind of person. So here's the real skinny about sharing oils.

1. It's fun (really). If you're genuinely excited about oils, chances are you're already talking about them (maybe even non-stop). Joining my doTERRA team means you get to continue sharing oils while bringing in extra (or even full time) income.

2. This is a no-pressure business (really). You might be wondering a few things: 

  •  Are there minimums you have to sell? (nope). 
  •  Do you have to flash money around and look wealthy even when you're struggling? (nope - this is about authentically sharing your experiences). 
  •  Will I call you and pressure you into working harder and harder? (nope - I don't have time for that). You can work as much (or as little) as you want. You're in the driver's seat!

3. You get to help people transform their lives while you get to own your own business (really). This is THE most thrilling aspect of joining my team. You can literally become a business owner - and control your own income - all while taking care of your family and having a real life. I'll be here to help you every step of the way - and ultimately, you're in charge of your own destiny.

Who is this opportunity for?

If you are:

  •  Willing to authentically share oils & act as a mentor 
  •  Able to hear "no" without crumbling
  •  Able to get knocked down, then pick up and keep going. 
  •  Willing to work hard for a period to create long-term freedom and possibilities. 
  •  Ready to start out with an enrollment kit (these start at $150) 
  •  Willing to devote focused time each week to sharing oils with others 
  •  Dedicated to placing a consistent, monthly order. (This enables you to earn commission and bonus checks--I will show you how to quickly build your income to cover the cost of this monthly order)

Then I'd like to invite you to apply to join my doTERRA team!

(Want to join doTERRA but aren't ready to start a business? I can help! Click here.)